2 days ago, Cody Volk
PPS Food Service (7.23.21) Dinner - Pizza, vegetable, fruit, milk *Breakfast - Biscuit, fruit, milk
2 days ago, Andrea Hansen
The NEN Viper softball team store is open! https://hauffsports.chipply.com/NENSOFTBALL/
3 days ago, Anthony Ferg
Jr High Summer Conditioning will end on Friday, July 23rd. Sorry for the late notice.
3 days ago, Cody Volk
PPS Food Service (7.22.21) Dinner - Chicken patty, vegetable, fruit, milk *Breakfast - Apple frudel, fruit, milk
3 days ago, Andrea Hansen
See news release attached announcing free meals for the 21-22 school year for all students. Note: This applies to first tray of food only. Any seconds will be the family's responsibility.
4 days ago, Lisa Johnson
News Release
PPS Food Service (7.21.21) Dinner - Spaghetti, vegetable, fruit, milk *Breakfast - Breakfast burrito, fruit, milk
4 days ago, Andrea Hansen
LAST DAY! Only 12 hours left to get some Pender Football/Pendragon gear ordered before the school year starts up! https://hauffsports.chipply.com/penderfootballfan/store.aspx
5 days ago, Cody Volk
The free and reduced lunch application will not be mailed this year. If you would like a copy, you can stop and pick one up in the office or print and return the document attached. We are looking forward to seeing you in a few short weeks. https://5il.co/vpye
5 days ago, Lisa Johnson
PPS Food Service (7.20.21) Dinner - BBQ rib, vegetable, fruit, milk *Breakfast - Mini pancakes, fruit, milk
5 days ago, Andrea Hansen
Only 2 more days to get some Pender Football/Pender Pendragon Gear!!! https://hauffsports.chipply.com/penderfootballfan/store.aspx
6 days ago, Cody Volk
PPS Food Service (7.19.21) Dinner - Ham & cheese sandwich, vegetable, fruit, milk *Breakfast - mini donut, fruit, milk
6 days ago, Andrea Hansen
2021-2022 School Supply List
9 days ago, Lisa Johnson
21-22 School Supply List
Fall classifications are out! Here is what classes we landed in for this fall for our respective sports: Girls Golf-Class B SB-Class B VB-Class C-2 Xc-Class D FB-Class D-2
9 days ago, Anthony Ferg
PPS Food Service (7.16.21) Dinner - Chicken fried steak, vegetable, fruit, milk *Breakfast - Poptart, fruit, milk
9 days ago, Andrea Hansen
5 more days to shop the Pender Football store. Remember there is a non-sport specific section for Pender Pendragon gear as well. Thank you for supporting Pender Football! https://hauffsports.chipply.com/penderfootballfan/store.aspx
10 days ago, Cody Volk
PPS Food Service (7.15.21) Dinner - Grilled cheese, vegetable, fruit, milk *Breakfast - Cereal, fruit, milk
10 days ago, Andrea Hansen
Due to forecasted weather, Varsity Football camp will be in the gym today starting at 9 am
11 days ago, Cody Volk
PPS Food Service (7.14.21) Dinner - Tavern, vegetable, fruit, milk *Breakfast - Mini bagel, fruit, milk
11 days ago, Andrea Hansen
PPS's "Plan for Safe Return to School - 2021-2022" is linked on the front page of the PPS website. Also linked is a survey regarding the plan. All stakeholders are encouraged to review the plan and complete the survey. Thanks in advance! https://www.penderschools.org/
12 days ago, Jason Dolliver