With current conditions regarding Covid-19, we will be making adjustments to our summer strength and conditioning program offerings.  Beginning June 1st, schools in Nebraska are allowed into the building for strength and conditioning purposes only.  Detailed rules have been provided by the Governor of Nebraska as well as the Nebraska State Activities Association (NSAA).  PPS plans to follow these rules in an effort to maintain the highest level of safety for those who plan to participate.  

Safety of our athletes and coaches is of the upmost importance to us.  Below is the plan for summer weight room lifting for kids grades 7-12.  As you know, starting June 1st, we are able to lift/run. If the  NSAA recommends guidelines change further into the summer, the PPS will make an announcement if necessary.  

  • -Kids will be in groups of ten students with one coach 
  • -Kids cannot change groups from day to day or week to week.  Once kids pick a time, that is their time slot for the summer.  
  • -Please make sure siblings  are in the same group if possible.  
  • -Our workouts will not be sport specific and will be beneficial to all athletes, no matter grade or gender.  
  • -We plan on using the weight room, Hesse Event Center,  new gym, and Heyne football field for the workouts.  Depending on the number of kids who sign up per time slot, we will adjust the schedule to ensure we are following the NSAA guidelines.  
  • -There will be a parent permission form that must be filled out and completed before kids can enter the building.  
  • -Our plan is to sanitize equipment  before, during, and after each session. 
  • -Kids will not intermix between groups. 
  • -Workouts will be one hour in length and will include a warmup, workout, and cooldown. 
  • -Workouts will be held Monday through Thursday
  • -Workout times will be determined by sign up from students-Starting at 6:00 am each day 
  • -Please bring your own water to drink, the drinking fountains will not be available.  
  • -If you are sick or close to someone who is sick, please stay home.  
  • -All workouts are voluntary