Here we are again with #39.  Last Who's Who was Mrs. Audra Miller.

Have you ever starred in a play? Well this “Who’s Who” has. In middle school, she was Annie in her school play. I bet that was interesting.

This PPS staff member's learning began in York Public Schools. During high school, this “Who’s Who” did dance, FFA, honor choir, and swing choir. That must’ve been a lot of fun! For college, this employee went to Wayne State College.

Growing up, this staff member had six jobs; a grocery store cashier, Kohls, a camp counselor, a teacher at a daycare center, a receptionist, and a waitress. While getting up for her school day, she normally has zero to one cup of coffee while getting ready. Speaking of jobs her dream job would be a teacher because she loves to teach!

Outside of school, this PPS employee likes to spend time with family and friends, read, ride horses while visiting family in York, and work on projects. She really has some interesting hobbies! All I know is to not interrupt her because that is one of her pet peeves. She really doesn’t like it when people interrupt or speak over her or others. For vacation, she likes going to warm places in the winter time. I agree, that would be nice when the weather turns cold around here.

I hope you had fun reading this week’s “Who’s Who in Pender Schools.” Just keep in mind while guessing that this staff member hasn’t worked here for too long, in fact this is her first year here!