Here we are again with #36.  Number 35 was Mrs. Carda.

Now, I’m only saying this once so listen up. This ‘’Who’s Who’’ hasn’t worked at PPS for a very long time. In fact, this is their first year here. Before they came here, their jobs were a police officer, a sheriff’s deputy, a mental hospital security officer, and a salesman. He’s definitely prepared to be a teacher!

This person went to school at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and the University of Nebraska-Kearney. While in high school, he participated in football, wrestling, track, baseball, and the spring musical. WOW, he is talented! His favorite school memory is when he went to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska, and he pet a monkey in the jungle. Then, it kept on following him around because the monkey wanted him to pet it more, and it even grabbed his fingers. Do you think he has a bunch of monkeys following him these days?

If this PPS staff member would have any other job in the world, he would be a professional baseball player because it is really fun to play baseball. The  things he likes to do outside of school are spend time with his family and watch football. He also enjoys camping in Valentine, Nebraska.

To end, his biggest pet peeves are being interrupted and loud gum chewing, so remember your manners in his class. That’s enough history about him, now can you guess this ‘’Who’s Who?’’