Welcome to a new week at PPS!  Who's Who number 34 was Mrs. Schrunk.  Let's see if we can stump you with #35.

Did you know that one of our staff members at PPS drinks 3-5 cups of coffee in one day (depending on the weather)? WOW, that’s a lot of caffeine!  This staff member used to be a waitress in high school and college, and even served pizza. Read on to find more about this PPS staff member and use your detective skills to find the mysterious clues.

Growing up, this Who’s Who’s favorite memory from her childhood was playing games with her siblings.  Maybe that’s where she got her competitive spirit. In addition to that, she also stated that she loved when her mom told her stories in a funny voice. This “Who’s Who” was involved in basketball and volleyball in high school. From there, she went on to attend Wayne State College.

This PPS staff member has worked here for 4 years, and her biggest pet peeve is repeating herself. If this “Who’s Who” had any other job in the world it would be traveling around the world to sing, and states that she would love to collaborate with other famous people and see all the amazing sights.

This “Who’s Who” also likes to spend time with her family and loves going on vacations with her husband.  She especially loves going on vacations where it’s tropical and warm, and loves to explore different things and see interesting places.  This PPS staff member also loves spending time with her son.

I hope you learned a lot about this PPS staff member, and that’s enough history for today! :)