We are back for #34!  Mrs. Kinning was #33!

Have you ever stapled your finger on accident? OUCH, that sure would have hurt!!! I haven’t but this “Who’s Who” has. I hope it didn’t hurt too bad when this staff member’s elementary school secretary had to pull the staple out. This person just about fainted in the process. MAN, I about fainted myself while I was reading her story!! If you want to find out this big case you must find the clues in this passage and solve this mystery.

This new staff member has worked here for 1 year. She also has experience working for her parent’s business and at a local feed yard as a secretary. She must be pretty smart to work with all of those numbers. Now here is some pretty cool information. You may have seen her teaching you, maybe in math, reading, science, or social studies as a substitute too.

This person graduated from PPS, then headed to Wayne State College. In high school, she participated in volleyball, basketball, track, cheerleading, dance, National Honor Society, high school rodeo, and 4-H. One thing I think is amazing is this person followed her dreams of one of her high school activities which was rodeo, and is still participating today!

This “ Who’s Who” only has one cup of coffee a day. That really surprised me because she has 3 boys. I would think she would have 5 cups, but she is a strong lady to have only 1 cup of coffee a day.

This member loves spending time with her family. One of her interests outside of school is rodeo. I always see pictures in her classroom by her desk. She also enjoys watching college football along with gardening.

With all of this juicy information you just have to tie all of the clues together and find out this Who’s Who is. Just a tip for you, if you don’t know a lot of social studies you better start learning now.