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Pender Public Schools

American Rescue Plan (ARP)


General Information

Pender Public Schools developed a plan to allocate ARP ESSER III dollars in a collaborative manner that included input from as many stakeholders groups as possible. A survey was developed to gather feedback from a wide range of District patrons. The survey was sent directly to all District contacts via email, text, and push notification. To capture the thoughts, ideas, and opinions of even more stakeholders, the survey was made available on the District’s website. This link was widely shared via the District’s social media pages. Along with that, feedback was sought during several Board of Education meetings. Public comment was requested and welcomed. Finally, feedback from all District staff members was requested. This was done during staff inservice in a face-to-face manner. Staff members were also welcome to complete the surveys mentioned above. The feedback received through these methods was considered strongly by those who drafted the plan.

In the end, there were a couple of ways that seemed like the best way to allocate the funds. First, devices are a critical component of the learning process at Pender Public Schools. That was very clear when the District was closed due to COVID. When school reopened, the importance of devices remained very strong, and in fact were more critical than ever before. That remains true to this day, which a high priority is placed on providing devices for all District students. The second component of the plan is to use the funds to construct an addition to the building. The addition will provide teachers and students with more classroom space, which is needed. Currently, 2 teachers share one classroom, 1 teacher does not have a classroom, and 1 teacher uses a small office as a classroom. The addition will provide these folks with much more adequate space, which is critical. Not only is the positive for students and their education, it is something that will help limit the spread of COVID. With more space, students and staff members will be able to do a better job of social distancing.

ARP ESSER III will be utilized in a manner that has a tremendously positive impact on student learning, achievement, and growth. When funds can be used in a manner that positively impacts student learning, achievement, and growth, those funds have been allocated efficiently and effectively!

PPS’s Allocation

  • The total ARP ESSER III allocation for Pender Public Schools is $464,416

  • A minimum of $92,883.20 is required to be allocated to lost or unfinished learn

Plan Specifics

To address lost or unfinished learning, devices will be purchased for all District students. The amount of ARP ESSER III dollars allocated to devices is $92,884. Devices are a critical component of this process because several software packages are utilized to address lost or unfinished learning. Without devices, the plan to address what was lost or unfinished can’t be put into action. The devices are one of the critical components of the process. Below is a detailed breakdown of what is planned to be purchased.

  • 55 iPads * $299 each = $16,445

  • 240 chromebooks * $324 each = $77,760

  • Total = $94,205

  • The total is $1,321 more than the amount allocated to this portion of the plan. District General Fund dollars will be used.

The remainder of the dollars have been allocated to a building addition that will provide students and staff members with needed space. That means $371,532 will be put towards the addition. As is mentioned above, the addition will provide needed space for the educational process, but also, for the health and well-being of students and staff members. The addition will allow 2 teachers to have their own classroom rather than share, will give 1 staff member a designated classroom rather than not having one, and finally, will give 1 other staff member a classroom that currently uses an office space for a classroom. These spaces will be instrumental in helping students experience significantly enhanced learning, achievement, and growth. The addition is currently being designed. Once the design phase is finished, the project will be formally put out for bid. The hope is to begin construction on the addition in early May of 2022, and for it to be finished early in the 2022-2023 school year.

UPDATE (8-11-22)

Construction of the building addition project referenced above will begin soon. As of this writing, a temporary fence to create a perimeter around the construction site was installed a couple of days ago. The contractor expects to begin by early September. The project is scheduled to be completed by the Spring of 2023. The addition should be ready to use by the Summer of 2023 or Fall of 2023.