Pi Day 2017 was another successful celebration.

The students donated 61 pies or circular food items to be enjoyed while we worked on pi related activities. We had 33 visitors come enjoy the day with us. 

Each class performed an activity to estimate pi by cutting a cylinder. The students measured the diameter and (then after cutting) the circumference. The closest estimation was from the 3.14128 by the calculus students. 

The Advanced Algebra students created colorful designs by connecting the digits of pi. These students also followed patterns to create spirolaterals. 

The Geometry students took a square, drew lines, cut out the pieces, rearranged the pieces, then traced to create tessellations. 

The PreCalculus and Calculus students did an activity similar to Buffont's needles by dropping toothpicks to determine if the toothpick landed on or off parallel lines. The students then used Buffont's equation to determine an estimation of pi. The closest estimation was 3.08. 

Thank you to all that baked a pie, came to visit, or helped in any way to make our pi day a success.