MacBook Air

EDITED 11/21/19: If you are interested in purchasing a computer, please bring payment to the school between 8am-1pm or between 2-3:30pm. Computers will be available for purchase until December 3, 2019.

This summer Pender Public Schools will be liquidating MacBook Airs. They will be offered “as is,” without warranty. We will make every attempt to ensure that each computer we are selling is in good working order, but we make no promises about the life of the computer. The computers may have visible wear and tear, and cosmetic issues will not be repaired after they are turned in for the summer.* The hard drives will be completely erased and reformatted with the latest operating system. We can refer you to Certified Apple Repair centers nearby, but we will not be able to support, repair, or exchange these computers after sales are final. The computers will no longer be licensed to run software purchased by Pender Public Schools, although home versions of some software are available for free or at a discount.

Students in grades 9-12** this year will be given the first opportunity to purchase the computer that they used this year. The deadline for reserving their computer for purchase is the last day of school, Tuesday, May 21, 2019.*** Payment is also due by the last day of school. After that date, computers will be offered on a first-come, first served basis. They will be available for pickup during the week of July 22-26, or by appointment with Mrs. Davis after July 22.

  please click this link to access a purchase request form.

2015 APPLE AIR COMPUTERS $400 Early 2015 Version MJVE2LL/A Model A1466  To see example specifications, click here.

2013 APPLE AIR COMPUTERS $350 $300 $250 Mid 2013 Version MD760LL/A Model A1466  To see example specifications, click here.

* If the student’s current computer has damage, the student may choose to purchase that computer and their damage deductible will be waived. This will not reduce the cost of computer. If students choose not to purchase, they will still be responsible for the damage deductible (up to $100). 

** To verify which model of Air students are using, they need to click the Apple icon in the upper left corner of their screen, and select “About This Mac”

*** Elementary teachers will be given the opportunity to purchase their older Airs. Secondary and SPED teachers will be given the same opportunity after the 19-20 school year.