Who's Who number 42 was Mrs. Davis. Let's read about #43!

It is finally here, another “Who’s Who” at Pender Public Schools! This “Who’s Who” has only worked here for 2 years. That is how long I have been here too. This person has attended Rock Valley High. While this “Who’s Who” was in high school, she was involved in cheerleading, track, band, choir, plays/musicals, yearbook, journalism, show choir, and FCA.

After high school, she went on to three colleges: the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the University of South Dakota, and Florida Institute of Technology. To be in this person’s position, you will definitely need a lot of schooling and many degrees and a lot of caffeine.  In fact, she drinks 2-6 cups of coffee a day, and as busy as she is, she needs it!

As you can see, a lot of her life is at school, including her favorite memory. Well, sort of. Her brother was on the wrestling team. She was a cheerleader and got to stay at the hotel. But, the most unforgettable moment was when the team was all tied up and it came down to the last match. The heavyweight wrestler for their team rarely won any matches and he was up against someone way bigger who was a previous state champ. He ended up pinning the guy to clinch the win for their team!! Do you know who it is yet? No? Well, let's keep going.

When she is not working at PPS, this employee loves to play games like board games, cards, and much more with her family. She also loves to watch her kids (football, cheerleading, tennis, band), read, and do research. Although her favorite vacation spot is on a beach or the mountains, she proudly can do the things she loves here.

Other jobs this “Who’s Who” has had are being a cook, a physical therapy aide, home health care nurse, and a residential counselor. We are so happy she is here. Surely, if she was not here she would be a dermatologist which is a person who works with skin. This “Who’s Who” would love to fix skin issues.

I hope you know who this “Who’s Who” is because that is all the clues. Good luck!