We are winding down with our staff spotlight series.  Just a few more staff members for you to guess.  Last week, #41 was Miss Wolfgram.  Time for #42!

Let’s log in for another “Who’s Who in Pender Schools?” Now this genius will puzzle you for sure. First off, this mysterious staff member has worked here for 8 years. Growing up, this busy lady worked as a nanny, a chef at a Mexican restaurant, a theater worker, and a Professional Scrapbooker, in which her work was on TV! Which means you definitely don’t want to have a scrapbooking contest with her. Also, she was a librarian, and a teacher at two other schools. Wow! This skill master has to be an expert at almost everything!

Now, where did this person get their smarts? Well, she went to several schools such as Farmington High School (in Farmington, New Mexico) and was involved in tennis, band, and National Honor Society. Following that was Brigham Young University in Prova, Utah for a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry Education. Then, she went on to Cleveland State University for a Master’s of Education degree in Science Curriculum and Instruction. And, this is exciting, she will be graduating in late 2019 with a Doctorate in Teaching & Learning with an Emphasis in Science Curriculum and Instructional Technology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln! So clearly, this PPS member has the brains!

What was she like as a child? Well… school was always a little too easy for this genius, and sometimes she was naughty because of it. Can you believe that?! She says that she was not proud of it, but used to pretend that she was sick, so she could get out of reading time. This bookworm states that she could already read harder books! This leads to her favorite memory, which is when her favorite teacher Mrs. Hawk realized why she was acting naughty, and helped find ways to push and challenge her to learn more than what the class was learning. That is a lesson that always stuck with this ornery one, and now she loves to learn, even when she doesn't have to.

All this schooling in her life has lead her to PPS, right? So what job would she rather have?  Actually, she would rather stay here, right in Pender, Nebraska at PPS. This kind of tells you that she loves her day-to-day challenges with technology, and loves that she gets to teach one class too. But with all that “busy-ness,” she sure could use an assistant! Anyone want the job? If you do want to be her assistant, give her some diet coke (and lots of it), and don’t ever chew loudly near her because that is her biggest pet peeve.

Since she is so busy and is always doing things with school, what does she enjoy doing outside of school? Well, first of all she LOVES to read. Plus, she likes the outdoors and traveling. Speaking of traveling, where would this “Who’s who” like to go on vacation??? Anywhere in the West because she grew up moving from place to place in Idaho, Utah, and New Mexico. The West feels like home to her.

Now, can you guess who this pure genius is? Did you guess who it was? Huh? Huh? Okay, if you can’t get it, I’ll tell you…. JK!