We are back with Who's Who #41.  Number 40 was Mrs. Nixon.


This week’s “Who’s who” is new to a lot of you. Are you ready for a clue? This secret staff member is living the dream because he or she can educate children! But, this staff member wasn't always a teacher.  Growing up, they had many jobs. You could sign up for swimming lessons with them, and they also worked as a recreational center supervisor.

This fine person attended college at Wayne State.  Go Wildcats! When she was a child, she went to Laurel-Concord Public Schools. The sports she participated in while in high school were volleyball, basketball and track. This “Who’s who’s” favorite memory of school was doing new and exciting things in Mrs. Koch’s second grade classroom.

Outside of school, this PPS staff member’s favorite thing to do is spend time with friends. She also likes spending time with her family and following sports. In fact, she loves to go to Boston to watch the Red Sox play...wait…I mean... Kansas to watch the Kansas City Royals play at Kauffman Stadium.

Are you clever enough to know who this PPS staff member is? Make it your “first” priority to discover who I am talking about.